Welcome to Player Interaction Management

A new Kiosk based Casino marketing system built with Player Service in mind from the beginning

Turns out you can have your cake and eat it too!

Advanced features and quality games for about 1/3 of what some others charge.

Game Screens

You have full control of the graphics for all games. You upload the backgrounds, game icons, buttons and text. Post Game play announcement screens and idle advertising and promotional screens.


From Private Lists, flexible Prize types and advanced Scheduling options to get started with included with the base pricing.

Easy to

Setting up a new game can be accomplished in a just a few steps. Select the type, upload the graphics, create a schedule and you're done. Add a private list or create and manage prize pools.

A picture paints a thousand words

Some of the works we can be proud of. Feel free to contact us if you like what you see.

Upfront Pricing

And it's a lot less than the other guys. Prices do not include kiosk hardware.



The base system includes:

  • Virtual and Physical Drawings
  • Swipe and Win promotions
  • Point Challenges
  • Point Offers
  • *Maintenance is based on number of kiosks


We can reuse existing hardware in many cases

  • We use off-the-shelf hardware technology to keep the prices low.
  • Partner with Zivelo for new kiosk hardware. www.zivelo.com
  • Models are generally between

All the Marketing Karma You Need

With all these features its a miracle we don't charge more.

What Player Interactation Management really means

Features don't stop at the kiosk. A browser based portal is included in the base system along with all of theses features.

01. Web-based Service Portal

Available for Player Services staff you authorize to access.

02. Customer Service

Staff can via the web-based portal, create entries and enroll players in games manually. This leads to higher customer satisfaction.

03. Accountable

All actions performed by staff is fully logged and auditable.

04. Security

Fully managed security, including password aging, mandatory password complexity, automatic lockout on failed attempts and auditing.

Feel free to contact us

Do not hesitate to drop us a couple of lines.